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Automotive Expertise With 32 Years of Experience

About Us

Miramar’s Preferred Facility for New and Used Cars

Platina Cars and Trucks is in the business of not only providing efficient and reliable cars, but making sure that all customer needs are met on a Platinum level as well. This multifunctioning business opened its doors with 32 years of automotive and customer service experience. Its reputation for meeting customer needs has attracted all types of individuals, with 8 out 10 leaving satisfied and sending more business to its doors. Our company takes pride in making sure each and every patron, whether or not they make a purchase, leaves knowing more about vehicle purchasing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to evaluate our customers’ needs and wants in order to provide them with an efficient and reliable vehicle that will serve them for many years to come.

Platina believes in specializing in Platinum service for all our customer

To All Our Future Customers,

Our Approach Is Simple.

Platina Cars and Trucks promises to put you first, by making your car purchasing experience hassle-free, quick, and pleasant. We will provide you with high-quality Platinum customer service. Your experience with us will be like no other. The Platina treatment always includes top of the line knowledge and details of the cars readily available to you. But most importantly, Platina believes in making sure you are comfortable and satisfied with your final decision to purchase, because a happy customer means a happy dealer.

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